There are several purchase options to best suit your school’s needs.

1. Purchase online with credit card through the shopping cart

2. Purchase online & we will invoice you

(Select Manual Payment Option when checking out. Once the online order has been completed we will contact you regarding invoice & payment details

3. Contact one of our Approved Re-sellers directly.

You can contact any of our Approved Re-Sellers directly to discuss you requirements from this contact list

4. We can refer a local Approved Re-Sell / Service Provider to you.

Please complete the IT Service Provider Referral form.

5. Through your preferred Re-Seller or ICT Services Provider

If your preferred reseller or ICT services provider is not on our approved list they may still supply these products to you by contacting the Distributor in Ireland, Total Import Solutions at [email protected].

If you do experience any issues or run into difficulty with your product, please see our Refund Policy page