Philips T-Line Education

Motivate, empower and inspire teachers and students with the Philips T-Line. Designed to maximise engagement in a fast-paced digital world, this innovative display features multi-touch technology and a whiteboard mode for enhanced interactivity and better collaboration in the classroom.

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Philips E-Line Education

Set a higher benchmark and lead a smarter classroom. The brilliantly designed E-Line boasts an anti-glare and anti-reflection 4K screen, including blue light filter on 4052E models, to ensure your content is always the focal point in any lighting condition. It’s equally as impressive on the inside, with a plethora of features that will enable students to design, invent, collaborate and translate their ideas for the real world.

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Model No: 75BDL3152E/00

1,648.95 inc. VAT & Delivery

Model No: 65BDL4152E/00

1,726.95 inc. VAT & Delivery

Model No: 75BDL4152E/00

2,025.95 inc. VAT & Delivery

Model No: 86BDL3152E/00

2,120.45 inc. VAT & Delivery

Model No: 55BDL3452T/00

2,301.95 inc. VAT & Delivery

Model No: 86BDL4152E/00

2,500.45 inc. VAT & Delivery