T1A Recertified & Refurbished

T1A Is Europe’s premier provider of recertified and refurbished products for over 20 years. Choosing to opt for recertified and refurbished products not only saves money, but also shows a conscious effort to the over all reduction of additional CO2 emissions, minimising e-waste and the responsible use of resources.

Our joint emphasis revolves around upcycling and recycling equipment to its fullest potential. Presently, Tier1 Asset achieves an outstanding 99.3% recovery rate for used IT equipment, with 90% of the equipment enjoying an extended lifespan, and 9.3% being recycled for other manufacturing purposes.

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Our 4 grades are

This is a new product that has never been used

Rezertified Grade products look new without any signs of use.

This grade has few cosmetic signs of use

This grade will appear used.

All T1A products come with additional benefits outlined below: